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Just an appreciation topic... (Archived)silenthillish111/27 11:23PM
Did they nerf the noise tank? (Archived)Evil Engel18/20/2014
I love that this game was brilliantly original and the loyal support (Archived)juddaz2k3112/23/2013
flight jet is impossible to beat if you waste time trying to get a Jet Rank (Archived)EpicOswald75/22/2013
Would anyone buy Jet Set Radio Future HD? (Archived)
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This game is so damn difficult to get a Jet Rank that it's pissing me off. (Archived)EpicOswald45/2/2013
F this crap game and its crap controls (Archived)
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Is there replay a stage besides beating the game again? (Archived)william165732/11/2013
change songs (Archived)ablerider11/31/2013
Explosion Jet ranking? (Archived)hooblashoo31/31/2013
What's your song? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz81/30/2013
Fight or Flight... (Archived)United_World31/29/2013
tricks? (Archived)SomberMitsuki41/27/2013
My Jet Rating Walkthrouh series! (Archived)Darkitachi5411/22/2013
you know a game is **** when you cant get past the tutorial (Archived)Liquid Snake261/2/2013
Bought this game thinking it was Jet Set Radio Future... (Archived)myoldname21/2/2013
If you find the game's audio skipping badly, there is a solution. (Archived)TheBlueStig312/31/2012
Know what F's my mind? (Archived)THOMASNATOR112/23/2012
JSR is on sale! (Archived)xtabascomanx412/21/2012
one thing i can't understand about this game (Archived)
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