Is this playable with KB/M?

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3 years ago#1
Or do I have to use a gamepad?
3 years ago#2
Keyboard works fine. Mouse/touchpad controls the camera angles. Some people complain that it's difficult to control that way, but I've never had any problems.
3 years ago#3
You don't have to use a keyboard, but it sure as hell makes the game so much more authentic and true to the original experience. I remember playing this game my Freshman/Sophomore year in High School, and I beat it like 7 different times. Playing on the Dreamcast with my nice 5.1 Kenwood surround sound system back then was quite an experience.
Set the mood right, plug in a wired xbox360 controller, and put on a thumpin pair of headphones, and prepare for one hell of a ride.
The game looks great. SEGA did a nice job with this one.
3 years ago#4
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  3. Is this playable with KB/M?

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