infinite money glitch

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User Info: thehomerg

5 years ago#1
yesterday i was playing and stumbled on a way to always get money from houses. It worked for about 20min, i stopped for a hour and came back to the game to find it stopped working.

i woke up and logged into my town. clicked on three brown house that were ready to collect, the money landed on ground and i hit the bart and milhouse button. After that i quickly return back to my town to find that the dollar signs were still over the houses. i repeated the process and my money kept going up.

now it never works

User Info: Aznxknight

5 years ago#2
Yea this happened to me too but i stopped doing it because there were only a few houses i can collect and it isn't worth my time.
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User Info: kid109

5 years ago#3
this does not work nor did it ever basically what happened to you was this

1) u clicked on houses and money fell (did it collect?) sure u picked it up right? wrong...
2) when u left and came back the $ were back but... what u neglected to do was look at your amount of money it never collected into your account so the time u spent picking it up was a waste and now u have to start over. this happens often and is what people are calling the level reset bug ... or part of it anyway

I thought this same thing at first but sadly this never worked the only glitch that used to work was if you were kicked off and your toon/char was doing a task it would sometimes create a new toon even thou they were already doing something this no longer works after the updates that have been done ( also you can glitch to have more then 1 lemon tree in your inventory but can still only place one at a time ... this no longer works either)
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