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Is there a limit to how many probes you can get a day from friends? (Archived)SepticFlesh310/9 2:23PM
Update just went live.. (Archived)crimzoncodez610/9 1:51PM
How to shoot down a ufo in friends town? (Archived)Rocktopus117610/9 9:29AM
Am I the only having trouble loading their town with the Halloween Update? (Archived)BaaPuff910/9 4:51AM
Game consistently crashes (Archived)ghunt81310/8/2014
How to buy trick or treat items with donuts ? (Archived)timbojohn310/8/2014
how do you get the other alien kodos? (Archived)dfm16618710/7/2014
halloween! add me! (Archived)MrB4DGuY110/7/2014
Spend your remaining elixir now, Halloween is coming! (Archived)Mike Xtreme610/7/2014
Why does my game constantly update? (Archived)foo136710/7/2014
Most shameless money grab ever....... (Archived)
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What characters would you like added? (Archived)Sickness1010/5/2014
Building Destruction Time (Archived)liontamer410/5/2014
Bart's Dark Knight Throne (Archived)rhombencephalon310/3/2014
I kind of wish Mr .Teeny had more tasks afte you unlock him (Archived)BrightFart89/30/2014
Missed story point: Ziff plot line (Archived)Spillboy39/30/2014
Can you build more that three castles ? (Archived)
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Does EA save you picture of you Springfield town on your device ? (Archived)timbojohn39/26/2014
Season Premiere Episode Tie-in/Kill-off Discussion (Archived)Ultimate3DSFan109/25/2014
how do i start the database recovery quest (Archived)Ryner639/25/2014
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