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Moog Moe's "Go For a Bit of the Ole In-Out" task is kinda overpowered.LightElf210/31/2014
Anybody else decide to start hoarding bags?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
What is that random laser noise mean?danzam40210/30/2014
Does the hover-copter do anything?Spillboy410/30/2014
If I already have a pumpkin house from previous year, do I need to buy another?kangolcone310/30/2014
Do UFO's hover around more readily under certain conditions?MetroidJunkie110/30/2014
Gonna give this game til the Christmas event
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Does collecting nails actually DO anything?GnRfan1984910/28/2014
Touch controls not as sensitive on iPad air 2?LightElf210/28/2014
What should I spend extra Goodies on?Altimadark410/28/2014
Is Hugo a character or just an alternate skin for Bart?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
New update gave me more than 100,000 XP free.danzam40510/25/2014
I don't like content updates during seasonal events.kangolcone810/24/2014
Your friends don't really benefit from you visiting right?rexcrk510/23/2014
How long does it take for Aliens to regenerate?MNSpectre410/23/2014
Indolence?!!? Ugggh... its like they WANT me to have a house farmrhombencephalon710/23/2014
Did Some Halloween Items Go Away?Billy277410/23/2014
Is anyone else having trouble with righteousness rating?Mike Xtreme910/22/2014
Oh hey Level 46 *spoilers?*Charismic Zach Gowen710/22/2014
Probability of getting donuts from trick or treat bags ?timbojohn710/22/2014
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