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Need advice on how to be brought up to speed story-wise (Archived)CODwiiiVIP123710/7/2012
IMO as far as this is going to be the same game as the other consoles,YES and NO (Archived)dknight1976510/7/2012
OMG WTF!? How did we miss this? 10 mins of brand new gameplay footage enjoy! (Archived)HappyBull110/4/2012
This or ZombiU? (Archived)antioppression610/4/2012
1080p confirmed (Archived)apples50910/3/2012
So this version of the game isn't coming out with any exclusive content? (Archived)HappyBull49/29/2012
3D compatibility? (Archived)SuperiorHominid69/28/2012
So will u be plaing ac3 in 1080p 30 fps or 720p 60fps (Archived)rokkero3339/27/2012
English Release Date (Archived)Oracion-Alpha29/27/2012
Join or Die Edition on the Wii U. (Archived)ukkirt19/25/2012
Anyone excited for Gamescom and what Ubi is bringing to the mix? (Archived)Tottentanz69/13/2012
Any British GameFAQers here? (Archived)ian209379/13/2012
Box art revealed? (Archived)Jackalfox18/6/2012
Never played AC before... (Archived)wingo8478/1/2012
Wait so this is the actual game? Like it's the same from the other consoles? (Archived)
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I heard that this version will likely have superior graphics than the other two (Archived)kreegan6447/26/2012
People who enjoy talking out of their a**, please read. (Archived)Hawke087/26/2012
Would this game greatly benefit from the controller? (Archived)Hawke057/16/2012
For those who remember, I was right :) Co-Op Confirmed (Archived)Danny_199337/16/2012
Can't wait for this game (Archived)Hawke0107/6/2012
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