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39.99$ at Gamestop, worth a buy? (Archived)Bantot12342/16/2013
Everybody in this game has perfect teeth. (Archived)Fuzzitin32/8/2013
So is this game identical to the versions on other platforms. (Archived)
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sequence 7 part 3 conflict looms is annoying (Archived)Kuebel3372/5/2013
Inventory has me confused (Archived)Minor Annoyance32/3/2013
wow phenomenal.. eagle eye in the intro tutorial.... (Archived)Kuebel3332/3/2013
Collector's Edition Book (Archived)Profaniter732/2/2013
Ubisoft dropped a ball on one major aspect of this game (Archived)csalvi4241/31/2013
AC3 DLC now available! (Archived)Waggy1791/30/2013
This board's game is this poll's game of the day! (Archived)PaulKagebein31/30/2013
Is matchmaking broken? (Archived)Slayerdude198231/29/2013
How do you take Snapshots? (Archived)NinjaDead21/29/2013
When you send convey via the accounting book do you get the initial outlay back (Archived)NEILELLIE101/27/2013
The who wants to play wolfpack right now topic. (Archived)ZBug_81/22/2013
Controller (Archived)Cattus_Pinguis21/21/2013
This is my first AC game and I am loving it. (Archived)NEILELLIE51/21/2013
Does the Gamepad screen look better to anyone else? (Archived)BlazeFaia81/21/2013
whats up with the new patch? (Archived)Daveddy7271/19/2013
Why do I always get "GAME SESSION no longer available" and "Cannot connect" (Archived)ZBug_11/19/2013
Anyone else want an AC game to center on WWII? (Archived)
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