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User Info: XxTwisted26xX

4 years ago#1
Are there any other city building games like this? I'm not much of a PC gamer but i think I remember a roman/greek city building game like this.

User Info: XxTwisted26xX

4 years ago#2
I think it was caled Civ City Rome.

Never tried any of those Civilization games either

User Info: Eclypse9810

4 years ago#3
Zeus - Master of Olypmus, I think is what you're thinking of. In the same vein, you can try out Pharaoh and it's expansion, as well.
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User Info: XxTwisted26xX

4 years ago#4
Ah didnt that game come out in 1999?

User Info: XxTwisted26xX

4 years ago#5
Gonna try Civilization V and maybe CivCity Rome

User Info: purekorn

4 years ago#6
Civilization 5 is different than this kind of game.

Caesar was a Roman style city building game. I think the latest Caesar Iv was released in 2006.
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User Info: Link_AJ

4 years ago#7
I can't get into Civilization at all. I just can't. I understand it is more like a boardgame than a videogame or simulation. But the game just can't hold my attention for more than 15 minutes.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#8
Civ is a turn-based strategy game. It's not a city builder. Other games similar would be CityLife and those older games like Zeus and Pharaoh. Civ City Rome is another. Caesar is another, and Children of the Nile.
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User Info: PacoTaco

4 years ago#9
CitiesXL is a lot like this. Your cities just happen to look very lifeless, but the graphics are pretty sharp.

Quite a buggy game and slows down because it's improperly coded for CPU usage.

Not awful - just mediocre...larger cities though ;)

User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#10
Try Startopia
the game is several years old now and falls a little more to population and building management but it is tons of fun.
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