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3 years ago#11
money cheat was working for me last night, haven't tried it today yet.
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3 years ago#12
None if them was working for me earlier despite being in sandbox. Just to get it straight, you dont have to do anything else but press alt+whatever?
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3 years ago#13
Yea this ain't working and I am in sandbox mode.

What else do you need to do besides just pressing alt + whatever?
3 years ago#14
I haven't done this, but the first post says "Once you turn on the option."

So maybe you have to find an option to enable cheats?
3 years ago#15
It's not in the options menu though. Where else could it be?
3 years ago#16
I got the cheat menu open but don't remember how. :(
3 years ago#17
Please someone post the answer by Thurs evening. I need the monies!
3 years ago#18
Seriously, can someone shed some light on why the cheats aren't working?
3 years ago#19
hit Ctrl+Alt+C to enable cheats
3 years ago#20
ctr+alt+c didn't do anything for me when I was actually able to play.

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