I really, REALLY want this game...

#1Cookie BagPosted 3/6/2013 4:35:38 AM
At first Origin was a big reason i wouldn't get this, mostly because I already have steam and having another steam-like program just for 1 game seemed ridiculous.

But I guess i can leave paranoia aside, and just get it, then again, the always online "seems" like a problem but not really if i consider i have an stable internet connection and stuff (though i expect at least 150ms with NA servers but i doubt it matters here)

But then it hit me... eventually over the years, the game will die, and knowing EA they will move ahead, and probably shut down the servers, not saying if i ever get this i wont be enjoying it, but... I already kinda "lost" a game to servers shut down (Monster Hunter Tri) but that game has single player offline... which is something i guess... but this thing is online only and they keep your saves... what will happen then?

Seriously, I love the franchise, I kinda hate what EA has done to it, Sim City 4 was awesome though... but I really can't convince myself to buy this... I don't really care about the loggin issues since it happens with most if not all the online games, even big ones, like the dreaded error 37 with diablo 3, eventually they fixed that and it runs smoothly.
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