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2 years ago#1
Hi Guys,

Looking for a good price on a medium range graphics card up to $100. Any Ideas?

2 years ago#2
In that range, you're looking at either an AMD 7770 or an Nvidia 650.

The 7770 will have the edge in terms of raw speed. The 650 will have the edge in being slightly smaller and a tad power efficient as well as running a little cooler. If you have a preference between AMD and Nvidia in terms of their drivers then that could sway your decision. Personally, I prefer Nvidia but I don't think you can go wrong with either card. The 7770 is a really good value IMO.

EVGA 650 ($99.99 after rebate) -

MSI 7770 ($99.99 after rebate) -

Both cards could run SimCity.

Here's a link comparing card performance between the two:
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2 years ago#3

Thanks a bunch for the info. Do you think either one of these cards would run Sim City alright?

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