Raised my taxes to 20% gained 2m and demolished everything for fresh start.

#1TheMove2Posted 3/6/2013 4:45:20 PM(edited)
Wondering if anyone else has done this. Not my first city but got 3hrs into playing and learned as I only had like 20k people and only had 300k. I cranked my taxes to 20% and in like 10 mins real life time I made 2m before everyone left. Than I just demolished everything and will have alot more money to build a better city.

Thought I would post about it.
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I kinda did that just to destroy my industrial area since it was a huge mess.
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I have a city of 130k that is a mess. Im gonna shut off all services first then try this. And right before its all over unleash the giant lizard. I just dread the time it will take to dezone and demolish everything

Go out with a bang, when the servers are back on of course.
4 more years? Sigh.....
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Pretty sweet idea.
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I did it, only by the time things started shutting down I had almost 3M, it was nice ^_^. The only issue with this is that the upgrades for your City hall are lost and can never be regained. If you demolish your City Hall, you've lost those upgrades, and the expansions that require an upgrade (like the Department of Tourism) will be grayed out until you expand again.

Which sucks for me since it won't expand until I reach 268k population. I was at almost 175,000 when I said 'screw it, time to milk this city dry!'
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