Random crashes of this game

#1XeroPridePosted 3/6/2013 5:02:38 PM
Anyone else experience this? There appears to be no pattern... The game just crashes when it wants. I get the "simcity has stopped working" popup.

Incredibly frustrating.
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#2Lord_VaderPosted 3/6/2013 5:11:58 PM
If you look around the forum many people are experiences various server-related issues such as crashes, disconnections, and not even being able to download the game. That's a result of the always online DRM crap. I don't think many of the problems will get fixed since the stability of the game depends on your Internet connection and the EA server stability. If I were you I'd ask for a refund (EA is currently giving them out due to the launch issues) since there appear to be many bumps ahead for this game.
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