4:30 PM and only one server is available

#11element_zeroPosted 3/7/2013 3:04:29 PM
It's kinda funny (or sad)
I've seen plenty of MMO launches that had a giant load of servers at launch... more often than not too many.

After a while they usually merge servers... which is a practice I hate with a passion, since I usually have to rename all my characters.

In this case it seems they have way to few servers though...

Now they even turn off features of the game... and STILL nobody is able to log in comfortably.

I'm actually a person that rarely gets frustrated, but this really is slowly getting on my nerves. Also the stupid getting started tutorial you have to do one every server (you can exit it and it doesn't come up again, but still you have to load it first).

Also annoyed there is no fullscreen windowed mode...
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