I cant beat the tutorial level :(

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3 years ago#1
Got the game today... installed no problem... updated no problem... start to play the tutorial level...

half way thru the tutorial, it booted off the game, saying the the servers are down... quit the game and tried to log back in... had to play the tutorial level all over again...

it has now just booted me off again... saying that the servers are down... how come the game doesnt auto save even if you are in the tutorial... now i have to replay everything again...

ZZzzzzz... i am trying again tomorrow
3 years ago#2
Start the tutorial, do the first step, open the menu and quit to the title, you'll be able to start a normal game. If your server is kicking you during the tutorial though it's going to kick you while playing also. Pick a better server.
3 years ago#3
Pick a better server.

The last time a Tiger took a beating this bad his wife had a 5 iron.
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  3. I cant beat the tutorial level :(

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