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2 years ago#1
After royally screwing my first city up I decided to start anew following a couple of guidelines:

1. Build all roads as avenues from the beginning. This saves you time later on demolishing swathes of developmemt to improve traffic and RCI density. Plus, you can upgrade them later to include streetcars to further alleviate traffic.

2. Zone all industry at the edge of town following the upwind. This way the air pollution doesnt bother your residential and commercial districts so much.

3. Rush the utilities add-on for your city hall to build the waste treatment plant quickly. This will keep you from stinking up too much land with the sewer runoffs.

4. Build straight roads to make squares and rectangles. I do this to use every possible tile for RCI development.

5. Use bus stops sparingly. I had like 20 of them and a ton of busses and the traffic was probably worse off for it.

I'm still a pretty big newbie at this SimCity (I played 3000 and 2000) though, so i would appreciate any SimCity wisdom you guys can impart. Who knows, maybe we can spare a few first time mayors some grief.
2 years ago#2
GT: OnyxOdin
2 years ago#3
ToyKirby posted...

Yeah, I honestly suspect this thread to be overran with (mostly valid!) complaints. Well, here's hoping we can skim some useful knowledge from the burning heap when that happens.
2 years ago#4
If playing single player play whitewash valley. All but 1 city has the highway run thru it. This is immense because it avoids the one road in most city squares have.

Slowly building up tech wealth and density are key as well as rushing education set up.

Bus depot ASAP to help get tourism into your commerce section.

Build the water treatment after sewage plant and right next to and opposite to it.. Destroy the standard water silo you get with it and add the filter unit. This gives unlimited water.

Educated sims recycle so as soon as possible get recycling rocking with a trade depot to export metals alloys and plastics. Or go further and use them to build processors and rake in the money.
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2 years ago#5
From: Coterminus | #001
4. Build straight roads to make squares and rectangles. I do this to use every possible tile for RCI development.

In theory, this will give you an effective city, but not everyone wants "Generic Grid-Based City #41,410."
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