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3 years ago#1
Things were going so well up until the point everyone was devoured by zombies, seriously I just watched my entire city get wiped out by zombies.

I dont care what people are saying about this game I am actually enjoying it so far, that being said I need to put things in place so my next city doesnt die from a zombie apocalypse, what is the best method of dealing and protecting against zombies?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
I didn't realize that zombies could be so bad. The most I've lost population wise from one was eight from a pop of more than 200,000. If you don't mind, would you give a basic overview of your city? Did you have many police, fire fighters, clinics? I'd kind of like to recreate this myself. It sounds fun to watch.
3 years ago#4
haha! I got a zombie outbreak too! But my police chewed them up! that's the way to survive that!
3 years ago#5
Something to prevent zombies from even happening is making sure that your residential zones are not getting pollution blown on to them from your industrial zones. Zone your industry so that the wind blows the pollution right out of the city instead of over your city.
Irregardless, I could care less for all intensive purposes, because your a looser.
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