The people who truly enjoy this game, have you played a previous SimCity?

#21CarlzillaPosted 3/18/2013 8:53:30 AM
I've played all of them since the original SimCity and I enjoy this new game a lot.
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thebeasle posted...
LordPoncho posted...
So, instead of bashing those who like this, accept that people have different tastes. Most reviews have pointed out that minus the bugs, this is an excellent addition to the series.

"most reviews"??? Not Gamespot and IGN and certainly not player reviews.

It's okay to love a game that isn't highly rated and I'm not "bashing" people that love SimCity2013. Gamespot gave Tropico 4 a 7.5 and in my mind it is a perfect 10. But.... also respect that people like myself are really disappointed with this new direction for SimCity, especially after playing the beta. EA won't admit it, but it was most certainly driven by DRM. Remember when EA confirmed to GameSpy that SimCity would not require a constant online connection? The PR that "this was designed as an MMO" is just as much of a lie as "servers are required to run glassbox because of the intense calculations"

SC Societies even had its fans. So it's great if you enjoy the game, but please understand that a lot of people don't and don't like this always online, dumbed-down, buggy new direction for the series. Maybe the bugs will get worked out eventually, but I'm not buying until they are fixed and I don't believe they will be fixed just because EA's PR people say they will.

You should probably go back to those reviews and read them again. Because they all me tion that bugs and DRM aside, the game is good.
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