So apparently you can get 2 free games if you're underaged...

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9. Iím an underage user, how do I get my game?
Users who are beneath the minimum age required to access interactive online services will automatically be granted a copy of SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition and Bejeweled 3 instead. These games will be added directly to your My Games library over the coming days. You do not need to take any action. If you do not see these games in your My Games library by March 31, 2013, please contact

Thinking Luigi and WAAAA > Pokemon Trainers was dumb, and Pokemon rocks.
In other news, Valve is a pretty f***ing terrible company, let's be honest.
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I noticed that too, but is it really fair to count Bejeweled as a game?
Review: New SimCity
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Better than the new Sim City.