Sell metal, ore and steel.

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3 years ago#1
I can sell power, I can sell water, I can sell police forces, so on and so forth, BUT I CANNOT sell metal, ore and anything else my cities produce? I know I can export it via warehouses but I want to sell it to another city, that would use that resource to make another resource. Its just logical, but once I got to it, I noticed it couldn't be done. Am I just doing it wrong or is that aspect of the game just really, really stupid?
3 years ago#2
Also, I know I can send it as a gift, but that's not very profitable and is likely to make both cities go bankrupt.
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
No, you can't sell resources to other cities. I don't really see the need to since you can just sell them to the global market. What would be the advantage of selling them to another city? Either you charge less then global market price, in which case you might as well just gift them. That or you charge more than the global market, and the other city has no reason to buy them from you.
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3 years ago#5
Why not just export from the city making the product and import into the city where you want/need it??? I haven't really looked into it but I believe the buy/sell rate of most products are the same... If you're not in charge of both cities you could always just chat w/ the owner of the other city and work out a trade...
3 years ago#6
I need metal to make processors in my other city. That's why I need to sell. :/
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