City Hall upgrades and City Spec?

#1Dude_bagPosted 3/21/2013 8:14:21 PM
I was wondering how many times you can upgrade city hall and how many City Hall modules you can get in one town, is it possible to upgrade your city so much that you can get all modules or do I have to have multiple cities each with different city hall modules?

Also which modules would you say are most beneficial (Current city specialization is Gambling), currently already have dept of Transport and was wondering what to go for next.

Also in terms of city specialization is it possible to have multiple specializations? For instance it would seem that Gambling and Tourism go hand in hand I was wondering if I could have both in the same city?
#2CaanimalPosted 3/21/2013 9:10:10 PM
Yes you can have all modules on your city hall, did that w/ my first city.

As for what specializations work together, well that would depend on what resources are available, but best as I can figure the easiest specs to combine is Gambling and Tourism. Well, as for the "traditional" specs, you could always create your own specialization such as "water world", "trash city", etc. etc. etc...