Homeless won't leave, even though city is bulldozed?

#1MikeH7186Posted 3/26/2013 5:16:09 PM
I made a 100% residential city last night to run while I slept so I'd have income. Cheap tactic but I don't care. "Problem" is now there are still homeless wandering the roads. I don't really want to bulldoze all of them but I can't seem to get rid of them. Figured if I just killed everyone off, fires, crime and deaths would revert to 0 a day because there's no population. Is this accurate? And will these homeless eventually wander out of the cities borders or do I have to kill every road?
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What's your pop. and how many homeless do you have?
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0 population. 0 income. The only buildings up are a coal power plant, the dump, and the sewage. Bulldozed 90% of the roads in town so they all ended up in one area that I was hoping not to destroy because of the sewage pipes, but I think with the population at 0 I should be able to bulldoze the dump and the sewage without creating ground pollution.

Edit: Here's an image

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Bulldozed the remaining stuff. They all merged onto the highway and walked in circles. Exited to main menu and it went from about 30 wandering to 4. I'll just wait for them all to disappear and then rebuild and it should in theory, but like a fresh start. Only with an additional 7mil to build with.

Edit: Laughing so hard right now.. Alright I built a single dirt road from the highway and let the remaining 4 homeless walk onto it. Once on it, I began deleting parts of it, moving it further and further from the highway. Eventually I felt it was far enough that they wouldn't port to the nearest road and bulldozed it. Essentially I just bulldozed 4 homeless in the forest and they disappeared.
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Thou shall not kill.
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Laylow12 posted...
Thou shall not kill.

But it doesn't say thou shall not bulldoze in the dark of night to hide the poor.
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What does it matter to the homeless if you bulldozed everything? I mean they are homeless after all.
NegiBozu203 posted...
Facts don't mean **** to me.
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MikeH7186 posted...
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Before: http://i.imgur.com/Bz4MbLi.jpg
After: http://i.imgur.com/4vZ1tTA.jpg
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He said "What does it matter to the homeless if every place is bulldozed? They are homeless after all."

Normally I wouldn't like, do anything like that, but I thought it was amusing.
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Robtcee13 posted...
He said "What does it matter to the homeless if every place is bulldozed? They are homeless after all."

Normally I wouldn't like, do anything like that, but I thought it was amusing.

That's actually a good point. The homeless were just looking for trash cans but there were none to be found. Was kind of funny because when I drew the initial dirt road one of them noticed and dashed over to it almost with hope. Little did he know of my evil plot.

I was waiting a few in game days anyway for the fires/deaths/crime per day to go down otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered either.