80,000 Sims in my city. Of those, only 8,000 are wokers, 2,000 are students.

#1Chargers_31Posted 3/31/2013 11:24:01 AM
What exactly do the rest of the Sims do all day? I now have 9,000 unfilled jobs because I can't seem to get more workers.
#2whitelytningPosted 3/31/2013 11:29:31 AM(edited)
Its pretty much the college graduate scene today. Although in SimCity the $1 trillion in student loan debt isn't a factor.

They probably spend a lot of time on video game message boards trolling games they don't own.
#3RavenoussdPosted 3/31/2013 11:26:51 AM
they just smoke pot all day long watching TV
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#4jaijasty2Posted 3/31/2013 12:12:20 PM
Same thing that happens in the real world. Just like that AD on TV that says "By 2020, we could have 20 Million Jobs with not enough collage graduates to fill them!" LMAO whenever I see that AD.
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#5Borg1982Posted 3/31/2013 12:22:17 PM
70,000 of your Sims sit on their computers all day playing HumanCity 5, and whine about server issues and bugs.
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#6deathman9Posted 3/31/2013 1:21:38 PM
They get Welfare and free housing, so they don't need to work.
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#7MysticB121Posted 3/31/2013 1:32:17 PM
Don't forget free healthcare!
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#8Borg1982Posted 3/31/2013 3:17:23 PM
Thats what happens with Simbama is president.
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#9shadow1515Posted 4/1/2013 9:27:02 AM
There is actually a function in the game's code called something like Get_Fudged_Population that determines what will display as your city's population. If you look at the detail screen and add the workers, shoppers, and students, that is the *actual* population of your city.
#10ManiusPrimePosted 4/1/2013 7:47:29 PM
They fudge the numbers do to trying an abstract approach. The problem with that is they only do it to the population. They need to fudge the numbers on employment. If they can pack in 370k in such a small area. Why does the commercial jobs number so few.

Also, They should put the sims thought pattern to be to take a job they area actually qualified for. I have problems with them saying they need jobs, but there is job openings for their educational level. It really is annoying to say the least.