just bought the game need friends to play with

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3 years ago#1
hi my origin name is darkgamer051 i was wondering if people would like to add me on origin and play this game with me i'm kinda new to it but i really want someone to play it with

i'm normally on north america east 1 or 2 but i don't mind swapping servers
3 years ago#2
Add me origin name philmadingle im on test server as thats the server new stuff goes on first to obviously test stuff so its cool im ok at it so we can learn together I just started a region so u are more than welcome to join
3 years ago#3
you can join us on The New Beginnings (North American West 4 server)

we still need more people for our region, we're starting to get it fairly developed :)

Add me: Zapkeet
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3 years ago#4
ok i sent requests to you two
3 years ago#5
Origin name is: Bradtek
Add me!
3 years ago#6
New player here also looking for people to play with!

Origin: ChiefAlastor

I'll add everyone in here.
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3 years ago#7
My region is defo for newbies no stress just fun chat tip swapping and learning to enjoy new ways to play
3 years ago#8
I normally play on the test server. I am maniusprime on origins. I normally build trading cities. I normally have more then enough to spare. I am currently playing with a friend on the NA East 3, but I plan to go back to the test server.

The test server will have cheeta speed this weekend.
3 years ago#9
Just got the game so still learning but add me


I'll be home in a couple hours.
psn: waggy431
3 years ago#10
I would gladly join you, add me: killerhornet25
I am still new to it, so I suck, but I could be of use to you somehow. :D
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