What is the best map to create your city?

#1TheLegendaryPiePosted 4/11/2013 1:36:54 PM
Which maps are completely flat, and have more then one way into the city, with the railroad not being intrusive
#2xoxide124Posted 4/11/2013 1:44:34 PM
my visually most pleasing was one with 3 islands and seperated with bridges but populations were never high

I have worked with alot of designs .. lins with circles.. and off shoots..

i'm doing one now with circles in circles.. creating rings.. so functional cities.. not sure which one is more functional..

they all seem to end up with clogging problems of one sort

i should post some pictures of different attempts just have not had the time.
#3iRoNsamurai420Posted 4/13/2013 1:14:48 PM
Whitewater valley has all but one city square with multiple entrances...
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