City falling apart at 100,000 pop.

#1Four SkullsPosted 4/11/2013 6:09:17 PM
Finally managed to get a city up to 100,000, the problem is it's slowly falling apart. Mainly everybody is getting sick. I looked and it seems like all my land has a ground pollution problem. I was buying garbage disposal from one of my neighboring cities (playing in sandbox mode), but it seems like it wasn't getting picked up for some reason. So I went and built a dump in my city, but it's still not getting better. I've built all kind of add-ons to the hospital, but I can't seem to get a handle on the germ/sickness problem.

My other city has an abundance of funds, but the last time I tried a gift, I sent 100,000 from the city I was trying to gift to to the other city. When I tried to gift 500,000 back it just seemed to get lost.
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Schools. People are less likely to get sick if they are smart. Also when your tech level goes up, your pollution generation goes down.

P.S. Educated sims also start less fires, which is always my biggest problem in low tech cities.
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I've got an Elementary School and a Community College, I think I'm almost to tech level 2. I don't think I have enough budget to make another school. My surplus keep on boomeranging around, sometimes I have 7000$/hour and then it drops to -$/hour and back and forth.
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I read another poster claim that planting trees will soak up ground pollution. They soak some up, die, and then you have to plant more, is what he said. I haven't tried it myself to confirm.

In future cities, I would always, always make a dump but don't plop down additional dump sites, use incinerators.

Other than that, man, I think pollution / sickness is the kiss of death for a city. I've had my water sources get polluted in one of the first cities I made and I just couldn't recover. Sims were dying left and right despite full health coverage because entire neighborhoods would fall sick at one time. This was all before I knew how to properly use sewage treatment plants & water pumps and such.

Good luck
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The planting trees do work to fix the soil. However, there isn't anything for radiation.
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I was just going to say plant trees. I habitually replant the entirety of my city's trees every day or two. My pollution is almost non existant. Education level 4. My problem now is crime. I have 0 criminals per day, but over time the population are becoming criminals. It's not as bad now that everyone is educated, but in my previous city it was getting a little silly. Like 300 criminals living in the city at year 8, but still no crimes per day.

I think criminals are a result of lack of jobs. I only have 10% taxes but there's always demand for industrial. Thing is when I build industrial, the idiots don't have enough workers. Kind of derailed, sorry.

My city was up to 195k and running smooth, no traffic either. I just remade it on a different server to improve upon it. 0 fires, 0 deaths, and 0 crimes per day. Actually managed to get 3k students into the University finally too, now I'm trying to get 4,500.

Edit: My current city, almost year 4.,pRJS7an,KsynvdH,Uxnv3X2,vbzKjNr,rXni0nv,Ua3ejBH,VC3lZ6L

For a while the area under the oil rig looked like mud. It was brown on the entirety of the oil pumps but I just kept replanting trees. I also turned the buildings off for 1 day, I'm not sure if that made a difference. Actually I have a picture of what it looked like before.
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Do you have a recycling center? Garbage collection alone is not enough. Recycles left behind will also create ground pollution.
#8ertfertPosted 4/12/2013 1:54:38 PM
MikeH7186 posted...

I think criminals are a result of lack of jobs. I only have 10% taxes but there's always demand for industrial. Thing is when I build industrial, the idiots don't have enough workers. Kind of derailed, sorry.

the reason you get industrial demand is not because of jobs, its because your commercial industry buys the freight from the industry to sell or use
so if you build more industry with enough workers they'll say "Freight shipments are selling really well!"

in practice though, high industrial demand is something i always ignore, because the commercial district dont care at all how much industrial freight they get for some reason
only zone more industry if theres a need for more jobs
although, if you dont have enough commercial for all your industry, you could always build a trade depot for the extra freight