Will I enjoy this game? (I don't care about the DRM)

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There's a reason this forum is dead. I'll give you a hint: its because this game is terrible.

Rarely are forums really active when games have their own forums already

You've got to be kidding me. Pretty much EVERY PC game has it's own official forum.

The #1 game for PC on Gamefaqs(Skyrim) has almost 1000 pages at 50 topics each page. Oh, and that's just the PC forums not including Xbox360 or PS3.

Here's their forums:

Even a game like X-COM which is much more of a niche game and came out almost a year ago has more active forums on gamefaqs. Even if you just look at the PC forum and not the consoles.

And guess what? They have official forums too.

You're kidding yourself if you think that the EA forums are what's keeping the gamefaqs one down.
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