Let's Play Sim City - Electronic City Series [HD][1080p]

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3 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'm currently working on my second Electronic City, where I also build an Arcology, and aim to have Zero Population!

You can watch my entire Sim City playlist here:

Here's My first Electronic City playlist:

My current Electronic City #2 I'm working on, currently at part 5:

Check out the latests posts in this thread for updates.

Thanks for watching, and I'll be uploading more soon!

Subscribe: youtube.com/FlyingNimbus1685
3 years ago#2
I'm going to watch this. Not for the interest in Electronic City really but because I suck at this freakin' game even though I've had it since launch and I need to learn lol
ok then seing as that i might not b able to make it in the big race y i dont me n the last person to sign up have a race round the nurnburg ring!!!!
3 years ago#3
Just takes a lot of trial and error to figure things out in Sim City. Its really fun once you get used to it, and as long as you don't encounter annoying bugs etc. I actually focus on electronics to make money, then claim other cities and send myself money to start a fast and nice city.

Part 6 - Completing the Arcology


I continue working on the Arcology, and begin importing the last few materials I need to complete it, while trying to make as much money as I can. Eventually, I get all the materials needed, and increase my profit to 3-4 million per month!
3 years ago#4
Part 7 - The Arcology and Electronics


I finally complete the Arcology, and begin destroying and restructuring my city.
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