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So they actually made it so commercial buildings need freight (Archived)Megabreath58/14/2013
Will I enjoy this game? (I don't care about the DRM) (Archived)
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I read the DVD version has a code in it you can use... (Archived)bsballa0928/12/2013
Can someone explain to me what EA was thinking? (Archived)
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After the updates.. how is it? (Archived)lambojone87/21/2013
can u have two citys that work as one? (Archived)mdsniper727/20/2013
I have to give this game up. It's just FUBAR (Archived)
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Master of Hate137/19/2013
Just got the game looking to play with someone tonight. (Archived)oldskoolffgamer27/19/2013
Thinking of coming back. Have most of the bugs been fixed? (Archived)MrChomplet87/14/2013
Why cant they just make this game offline already and make bigger cities? (Archived)
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If the game was fixed, it would be a very very good game (Archived)galfasanta111167/14/2013
What's the REASON for the small plot size? (Archived)nuschler2212107/12/2013
It has been awhile since I've played. (Archived)ThirdDegree17/7/2013
Help with Great Works (Archived)nwafan10017/6/2013
Anyone else do the survey yet? (Archived)Eclypse981037/5/2013
Honestly, I enjoyed laying highways and such, almost as much as building the cit (Archived)95_Eclipse17/4/2013
Permanent price drop (Archived)Gojak_v357/3/2013
Does this game live up to SimCity 4 at all? (Archived)Yoga_Pants107/1/2013
Should I? (Archived)cjd21597/1/2013
How do you make a request for more workers? (Archived)RagnarokJ27/1/2013
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