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4 years ago#1
Not a massive spoiler, but for those of you that beat the boss beyond the sandstorm...how hard was that?

It was a super long fight for me at level 40!
"..." Silent Protagonist
4 years ago#2
It was ok for me but i had siela lv 45.
Do you know what to do after that btw?
4 years ago#3
I spoke with the Vendor in the small desert town and that opened up buying more spices.
"..." Silent Protagonist
4 years ago#4
Also did you steal the Elven bow from him?
"..." Silent Protagonist
4 years ago#5
Guess I over ate. Hit Lv 60 and I'm getting to the sandstorm boss. :3
4 years ago#6
I'm curious as to how you pass that part. The desert vendor said something about creating a cactus drink to subdue the sandstorm in the desert, but I don't seem to have the cactus drink recipe. Any help is appreciated.
4 years ago#7
cactus + barrel = tequila

out of curiosity, how far is this sandstorm boss in the game? I currently just beat the Misto soup quest bird boss and I always use siela, fred, and alphine who were at lvl20.
A fan of JAM Project
4 years ago#8
It's pretty far in. There's around -Spoiler? I guess haha-

2-3 more bosses before you get there.
4 years ago#9
Yea i stole the eleven bow ^^
And what to do after giving a rose cake to Alfine?
4 years ago#10
Wait until Alfine tells you that she had a stomach ache from eating the cake, then you go back to the desert vendor to continue.
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