I'm only upset it didn't come out yet is because

#1TyrannosaurusPosted 4/25/2012 1:25:36 PM
My wife was gonna let me use the TV and play through.. Now we have to watch her shows and we have plans all weekend. Way to buzzkill.
#2stabstonePosted 4/25/2012 1:55:46 PM
Get a divorce.
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#3DrewP4PPosted 4/25/2012 4:13:08 PM
too bad the game doesnt come with an extra set of balls. you sure could use a pair. what are you 10? let you use the tv? lol
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#4JDKennedy619Posted 4/25/2012 4:22:43 PM
LOL sounds like we know whos in charge of that relationship.
#5IamAlegend2005Posted 4/25/2012 4:43:01 PM
lol everyone in here saying man up has never had a gf apparently.
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#6fallangePosted 4/25/2012 4:49:12 PM
I love all these kids telling you to grow a pair of balls. Meanwhile their parents are telling them it's bed time!
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#7JDKennedy619Posted 4/25/2012 4:49:28 PM
LOL ive dated girls that let me use a TV if thats what your getting at?
#8theos666Posted 4/25/2012 6:12:20 PM
I don't use the Xbox for gaming when my wife is home. She doesn't like video games. I would rather spend time with her. I do watch baseball without her. She goes to bed, but that is different.
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#9stabstonePosted 4/25/2012 7:21:36 PM
You are dead inside and don't even know it.
"May your roads be paved with sausage" - Tom Servo
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#10Big FanPosted 4/25/2012 10:20:17 PM
You need a girl that's into games. Its perfect
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