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Back to the future? Walking dead? Jurassic park? (Archived)dubc8255/13/2012
How to be honest with Hershel (Archived)codyallen2575/12/2012
Is the Walking Dead Telltale game as good as Back to the future? (Archived)
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part two transfers? *spoilers don't read unless you beat the game* (Archived)guiness4255/12/2012
Glenn's Shirt (Archived)0PTICS25/12/2012
I started a let's play of this game (Video inside) (Archived)TaintedCatalyst45/11/2012
Other properties that would work great as Telltale games. (Archived)pothocket25/11/2012
Lee is the fallingest mother****er I've ever seen. (Archived)
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what game is this like? (Archived)helltz45/9/2012
You already know who I am going to say duck reminds me of (spoilers) (Archived)LavisFiend105/9/2012
how hard is it.. (Archived)
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Who is buying the rest of this series for the storyline? (Archived)
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Why are zombies as big a threat as they are in movies/games? (Archived)
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Who did you save and why? *spoilers* (Archived)
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Should i get this? (Archived)pelon21315/8/2012
Question before buying (Archived)bbbjayg45/7/2012
This game is great (Archived)
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So can I delete it now? (Archived)Alucard_Prime75/7/2012
What were your favourite parts of Episode 1? (Spoilers) (Archived)ZacTB85/7/2012
Blown away. (Archived)
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