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Mizel Patch is up

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4 years ago#1
Updating right now myself. Patch is 440MB on Vita, and 288MB on the PSP.
4 years ago#2
And the patch make my game freeze
4 years ago#3
Got the in-game notification about the new chapter but I don't know where to go from there...
4 years ago#4
Fight the last boss again and it will start the new chapter ( I am still stuck with freezing )
4 years ago#5
ok now I barely did much yet I dont know what to do next. Had first encounter with Mizel but now im not sure of the requirements to continue the mission. Any ideas?
4 years ago#6
Actually nevermind.. I figured it out :P
4 years ago#7
I finally got to the patch content, and I saw them call NICS NISC in one scene.
4 years ago#8
Unfortunately most of the missions are those "maze" like areas with very minimal save points... now I have to repeat my progress.. sooo not cool..
4 years ago#9
Last thing that happened to me is after retrieving the plans to the AX-000 Core Skeleton from the Saturn launch site, the mission at Tiny Orbit. I haven't even bothered attempting reading the text, which makes the lack of voice acting so far pretty annoying... Also, for those who actually know what's going on, what's the deal with Mizel? Is he some sorta alien? Why was he in Omega Dain's labs? Are the Mizels from Omega Dain and the one from Eclipse different beings? What is the Mizel from Eclipse's plot?

Chapter 11's still a bit lengthy so far. I ought to power level everyone up to 50, since I've been using Ban/Hiro/Ran throughout the Chapter so far and they're only Level 42/42/38 while the enemies have started reaching 50 and even 55.

...Also, when starting Chapter 11, you have a choice of either a Normal difficulty that continues the level scale from where Chapter 10 leaves off, or a Hard difficulty which makes the levels start scaling up from Level 150, which is for those who did the post-game stuff before the patch.
4 years ago#10
SO far is anyone not experiencing freezing? mine one freeze after opening the save for 30 seconds
Does anyone knows how to fix it?
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  3. Mizel Patch is up

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