3DS TF Prime first impressions

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I am a huge Transformers fan from back in the 80s. I have enjoyed the Prime TV series and picked-up this game for $30 at Wal-mart today.

Overall score thus far is 7/10

I have played the first 4 levels and one multiplayer level (with CPU alternate players). My first impressions are good. All the voice-work from the series is here. The models look decent (I believe the WiiU version has much better character models). The 3D effect is almost non-existent. This is the first 3DS title that I have turned the 3D effect completely OFF.

You can transform at any time and your vehicle has attacks (boost, jump, guns). Your robot mode has both melee and weapon (guns) attacks, along with a special weapon once a battle meter is filled. There is a lock-on feature to target specific baddies.

There are a couple driving specific parts of some levels that are executed well. Otherwise, Itís a bit of a 3D brawler where you fight waves of enemies. Mostly vehicons throughout the level with a boss fight against a decepticon. The boss fights are fun, but not overly challenging (through 4 levels).

There are extras to collect to add in the re-play value which unlock character models, medals, and artwork

Seems to fit right into the Prime universe with dark energon and whatnot. All the voice actors have added their talents to the cut-scenes.

Multiplayer is Local only.

If you enjoy the Prime series, I recommend this game to you.
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I love this game!
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Tformers has a nice review of the 3DS and Wii version s of this game. Check the link below.

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