The Nintendo Fan outrage is a hoot!

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3 years ago#1

Trent apparently stated that the Wii is akin to a toy in a tweet and the Wii fans are all in a tizzy!


I love the comments.  The ones who have no idea what Baldur's Gate is are now obstinately opposed to purchasing it!


They were never going to buy it in the first place.  :snicker:  It wasn't coming out for anything but the iPan and PC!  :lol:

3 years ago#2
But ... the Wii is a toy isn't it? What did they think it was?
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3 years ago#3

Anything you cannot actually do work/anything productive on and exists primarily as entertainment is a toy.

That includes X-Boxes and PS3s.

That's not an insult alluding to childish things either. Jetskis and ATVs are toys as well. A solid platinum chess set is a toy. So are *ahem* "adult toys".

Of course the fact that most Nintendo games are cartoony and are marketed to a younger audience is just a sore spot.

The rantings about how other gamers (really the PS3 and 360 primary gamers) insult the graphics capabilities is even more hilarious. It's like you dare point out that water is wet and they get in a tizzy.

I especially like the ones calling BG a "cult game", "15 years old garbage" or saying "Baldur's who?"...yeah kid. You weren't going to play it in the first place, kid. Trent's dead-on words didn't change jack. It's still the best FRPG in video games that most of us have ever seen. It's getting a facelift and it still not for you unless you want to try something real.

3 years ago#4
Well, when you say something like that you'll always get fan outrage.

Trent is obviously frustrated that they received nothing for their work on MDK, but he probably should have contained himself. Complaining about Nintendo's regulations for allowing games on the eShop were valid complaints though.

On the other hand, a few more people probably know about BGEE now.
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3 years ago#5
i think the comment is an hilariously brilliant PR stunt :D

i found out about the enhanced edition because of it ^_^
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3 years ago#6

Actually that is brilliant come to think of it.

Rapid gamers who wouldn't buy it anyways complain about it and talk about this Trent guy who is an "obvious hater" and bringing back a "cult game" (yeah some n00b called it a "cult game") and doing so it creates viral marketing that reaches the ears of those who WOULD actually buy the game.

and the angry hordes will forget his name when the next console vs console outrage comes up.

Step 4 profit!

3 years ago#7
Good point that. XD
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3 years ago#8
Itoo love toys . And I plan on playing this game on my toy.
I like video Games
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