Neera Sidequest Help [Spoilers]

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So I went to Adoy's enclave, beat up the goblins, fought the Red Wizards (which took me a million saves to do with a level 1-3 party), and Adoy teleports away. Now what? As with the second game, I'm always concerned when I'm not sure if I've done something wrong with the character I'm trying to romance. It's made even harder with Neera when she snaps at me for everything I say.

The last conversation with her had her saying "I fought all this way for nothing??" and my options were to point out that I helped in a jerk way, point out that I helped in a kind way, or say that she's better off ACTUALLY on her own. So obviously I picked the second option and she STILL complained at me. Not sure if I'm doing this right. Despite it being EASY, I was hoping for a simple romance like Aerie's in BG2, not one where I have to weigh my options so carefully like with Viconia. But, I digress.

Anybody know what my next move is supposed to be? Where Adoy is, perhaps?
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I got the same thing. I don't think it matters what choice you pick. She will always be angry. As for where Adoy is I think hes gone for good. If you take a look at your journal it pretty much sums up the quest and concludes it. So one as look for Adoy all over the sword coast but I don't think you will find him.

So yeah that was pretty lame but you stopped the Red Wizzards, freed Adoy and that's In the words of Porky Pig That's all Folks.
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She still has more dialogue and a special encounter in Baldur's Gate.
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I didn't even get the journal update after Adoy and Neera hasn't mentioned the red wizards/Adoy thing at all.
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I'm progressing well with her now.

Looks like the next few conversations with her automatically enter you into relationship mode no matter what you say. I've redone most of them, and whether I tell her to make me a sandwich and she tells me to screw off or I hit on her and she says she's close to jumping my bones, the resulting journal entries are the same and seem to imply interest regardless. I just got one that literally says "watch what you say from now on", which I guess is Overhaul's way of not-so-subtly hinting that the conversations from now on might actually matter. It's just a shame that it took until the conversation where she says "I am almost but not quite ready to have sex with you" for things to start to matter. Here's hoping it stays interesting.
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At the endgame now and I still haven't had a single dialogue after the whole glitched adoy thing.
Rasaad should also have dialogue and quests,haven't got them neither.
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Ruppe21 posted...
At the endgame now and I still haven't had a single dialogue after the whole glitched adoy thing.
Rasaad should also have dialogue and quests,haven't got them neither.

She's mostly been talking to me after sleeping. I just finished the Cloakwood mines, and she hasn't talked to me since my last post. One thing you could try though is to manually click on your character, click the 'initiate dialog' action (dunno what it's called; the first button on the toolbar) and click on her. This actually worked once for me at the beginning to get her dialog going, and I do it every now and then to make sure she doesn't have any more to say.