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Biography Bug (Archived)NorskeMan15/3 5:40PM
So.. um what's the deal with paladins anyway? (Archived)Aznxknight24/25 10:28PM
quick question (Archived)CplDingo22/5 8:38PM
Does the game use the 2nd edition Advanced D&D Ruleset ? (Archived)saviorflender11/9 4:27AM
sidequests of the new characters... (Archived)woody7119/29 11:10AM
Imoen question (Archived)DiablosGhidorah39/24 3:53PM
Importing from BG:EE and Kits (Archived)mromano0719/14 6:31AM
First time playing this and donating to churches doesn't raise my reputation. (Archived)Master Cilander29/9 9:44AM
Question about weapons breaking (Archived)DiablosGhidorah29/4 8:53AM
How good is a Ranger PC in this game? (Archived)AlexTheNextOne18/14 7:59AM
[Multiplayer] Looking for Players! (Archived)eieros18/1 2:16AM
MOST POWERFUL Class? (Archived)AMightyDuck67/20 2:45AM
Im tired of mages using their cheap tactic of confusing my party. (Archived)fissionprimer57/14 4:45AM
Thinking about dual class...(Advice Plz) (Archived)MrGilson9216/29 9:53AM
Unfinished Business (Archived)SnuffSevenfoldX16/29 4:53AM
New player to the Baldur's Gate series and i can't believe...... (Archived)Loryuo46/26 8:42AM
Stopped moving or attacking (Archived)Andoranth26/18 9:34AM
Yo! New to BG:EE, looking for tips on some of the new stuff (Archived)bookwormbabe2926/11 1:28PM
How do I recruit Viconia DeVir? (Archived)mcob198866/11 1:18PM
Getting into the BG series (Archived)distended26/7 11:54PM
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