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is this game really that bad compared to the original? (Archived)Konaflare38/3/2013
As the editor doesn't work on the Steam version... (Archived)Lord Blade38/2/2013
any tips for the black pits fight with the.. *spoilers* (Archived)Original_Mage27/27/2013
Importing and exporting from Black Pits? (Archived)XxMisanthropexX57/27/2013
75 percent off on Steam...so? (Archived)
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Last member to add to my party? (first timer) (noob) (Archived)BendoHendo37/20/2013
Anyone know where I can get some good custom portraits? (Archived)Gandalf_the_Fab17/16/2013
New to this game, Multiplayer anyone? (Archived)ScydeFox37/15/2013
Any games like this on the current console? (Archived)Clutch_Klutz47/9/2013
Kensai Dual Class to Cleric (Archived)Rush-Lionheart37/6/2013
Complete DnD/Baldur's Gate noob, recommend me a character build. (Archived)BendoHendo27/5/2013
Fighter/Thief assistance please (Archived)ScydeFox67/4/2013
Multiplayer Character Creation (Archived)Sho_Shi17/4/2013
can u play this window mode? (Archived)paralyzed2137/3/2013
Re-entering Durlag's Tower (Archived)-esw-dragoon_7716/24/2013
Game temporarily banned (Archived)Kushu36/23/2013
Does alignment do anything? (Archived)TeXaS_PiE46/22/2013
Party of choice and exp (Archived)dj farsi36/17/2013
Romance options for male characters (Archived)sparkstron26/16/2013
Reputation bugged. Reputation won't increase for any quests. (Archived)Askeladd16/12/2013
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