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Link to Steam? (Archived)G-N-C21/21/2013
Biff the Understudy (Archived)Blind_Assassin31/21/2013
Not understanding dual class system (Archived)luckyirish_dowd31/21/2013
Will Khalid and Jaheira actually ditch you if you don't go to Nashkel? (Archived)DarkChocobo4781/21/2013
Chapter 1 Side quests for Enhanced Edition (Archived)reposter11/19/2013
Any magical katanas in BGEE? (Archived)DrDuckman61/19/2013
Why can't I sell most of my stuff? (Archived)DarkChocobo4741/14/2013
So I've ran across this pretty humorous(?) glitch.... (Archived)Krow_Incarnate61/14/2013
Blackguard? "Blaggard"? So... Have I been pronouncing it wrong? (Archived)MateoRinghead71/14/2013
Favorite New NPC? (Poll)
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Item Cases? *AWWW YEAHHHHHH* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What level do druids get their shapeshifting? (Archived)Kushu11/7/2013
Did they rename a ton of items or am I just imagining things? (Archived)MateoRinghead71/4/2013
Dual classing Totemic Druid to Fighter (Archived)Tabbertim31/3/2013
jaheira gained 12 hits points leveling from char lvl 1 to 2. (Archived)tolchock71/3/2013
Can Kensai/Mages wear mage robes in EE? (Archived)DrDuckman31/1/2013
Worth buying if I haven't played the original? (Archived)
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Any tips for a first time player? (Archived)Blue_Dream871012/31/2012
And I would've gotten away with it, too [Small main game spoilers] (Archived)MateoRinghead112/31/2012
Draw distance annoyance (Archived)mamrey4u412/31/2012
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