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4 years ago#1
After reading the library texts in the final area, we find out that the planet of the first two Chaos Rings were destroyed after the universe grew too large.

Everything that Escher and friends did was for nothing.

4 years ago#2
really?D: how stupid
4 years ago#3

Nope, you guys are wrong. This is a parallel world!! Remember they said that the Qualia destroyed lots of other parallel worlds?

The only world with hope left was Olgar, Vahti's world. When they fought, it created new possibilities and every Qualia were then destroyed by future technology.

Their hardwork wasn't in vain, they stayed in their world and Earth didn't get consumed by the Qualia. However, the parallel worlds which were consumed are a different story.

With the Qualia gone, all the other worlds have remain are nothingness. Through nothingness, Neron and Amon are born.

They then created the world again. Instead of having the Ark Arena, they have the Rites of Resealing which Amon does to gain power and remain as a God.

Basically, its a world on its own. It's not the same world the first Chaos Rings was in.
Hopefully, this help clear up your mind.
4 years ago#4
i think qualia was created by amon to try to achieve his goal o,o
4 years ago#5
Qualia is an existence before Amon. Amon only became God because Qualia destroyed the whole world.

Amon needs prayers to remain as a God, which is why he created the Rites of Resealing system.

If he creates the Qualia, then it would kill everything. Which in turn means that Amon loses support and dies.

Qualia is stronger and can kill Amon. They're different existences. Amon wouldn't have gone through the trouble to create Lessica and the Four Horsemen if he could get the Qualia to just kill every single human anyway. It just doesn't make sense.
4 years ago#6
in one of the books says amon tried many diferent ways to get people prayers
so i still think Qualia was one of the failure attempts
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