The Walking Dead deserves better?

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3 years ago#1

I'm a fan of the comics and I really love the series.

What I don't get is why not try to get a game with current gen graphics? Free roam would also work.

Put areas in, have you lead a group, or even be part of a group and make ur way to being leader, or the opposite, be the bad guy and try to manipulate ppl or abandon them etc.

The walking dead is about survival, decisions etc. But not a game that is just straight forward, pressing buttons to watch your guy do something.


When I first watched The walking dead season 1, I imagined a game with you being either a new group of characters or the real characters, and try to find shelter, make runs into places to get supplies etc, decide what to do next, thing taht would affect the story and your crew's safety etc.

I think this game can be cool, but its not my type, and I'd prefer realistic graphics but most important I'd want a game to give you the feel of the walking dead universe, not  the feel of reading a comic about zombies with fancy pictures. When you read a comic you watch the awesome artowork to get an ideea of the looks of things but inside your mind you imagine a real scenario (kind of like the series but each person has his/hers own way to imagine things).


I hope the series will last long, and maybe at some point we'll be talking about a new zombie game based on the series (or comics) but with realistic graphics and more freedom. (and maybe no button mashing mini-games, some kind of better gameplay controls)

3 years ago#2
i dont need something shiny to keep my attention like you do
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3 years ago#3
It looks like this game is gonna be like Heavy Rain or Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Thise games were great at creating atmoshpere and an emotional connection with the characters. As far as graphics go, graphics don't make a great game so it shouldn't matter that this looks like a last gen game. Not supporting this game or poor reviews will convince other developers that TWD is not profitable as a video game franchise, and no one will ever try to make a TWD game again. Kirkman said he would not want a TWD game to be like GTA or RE, so we'll probably never get that type of game.
3 years ago#4
i hope so,,, if you like those games deadly preminition is made by the people who made indigo prophacy,,, and deadly preminitiion is a open world game,
"questions are a burden to others and a danger to you"- cleveland brown
3 years ago#5
I like the graphical choice. While simplistic, they are reminiscent of the comic.
3 years ago#6
I think people just don't like zombie games being "colorful" while I think it's good since everything being dark and gloomy is too cliche for zombie stuff. And they are using the graphic novel as cannon in how the story goes so makes since they went with the same look as well.

I was originally worry about TellTale doing it since in their past games, they were linear in the sense that extra options only lead to extra dialogue or jokes but not much else. However this is their first which have more lasting consequences and choices that not only affect the episode the choice is, but also the other episodes as well.
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3 years ago#7
I'd rather have an open world as well, but i'm completely content with the cel-shaded style. It fits with the source (comics) and from what i've seen they still manage to make the gory bits quite gruesome...
3 years ago#8
yeah i respect your opinion since you've already played the game..oh wait you haven't. quit complaining.
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3 years ago#9
Keeping it close to the comic and making it not another mindless FPS is exactly what this needed to be. Graphically it's right on point as well, keeping it simple but still eye candy. I almost kinda hope they pull a QT move and do an all black and white spot like the comics are.

Given the massive moral and ethical decisions made in the comic and somewhat to the show, this is a fabulous change of the norm a la Heavy Rain and Deadly Premonition

I'm more excited to see if the each episode is going to directly and/or indirectly impact the previous based on what was done.
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3 years ago#10
this would be awful if it was free roam
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