*Spoilers* are you going through the ep's with out retconning your choices?

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3 years ago#1
*Spoilers enclosed*
So yeah on my play through I chose to save Duck, gave the gun to the chick to top herself and saved Doug. I also responded pretty negatively to the leader chick of the other group.

I'm literally not touching the episode again until all the episodes are out and will stick with my choices throughout the season. I may ofcourse play through all the ep's again after my first run making the opposite choices to what I've done so far. Just wondering if anyone else is doing this?
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3 years ago#2
Ill be doing that
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3 years ago#3
me too.

I was so temped to play this episode again with different choices... BUT! I'll wait... Ahhhh!
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3 years ago#4
Yah I'm not changing anything until the end then maybe going back through.

Just curious though...Id like to hear your reasoning behind your choices.
Why did you save Duck?
He's a kid an therefore of no use to you, his dad is nearby so if he doesn't care enough about his son to keep an eye on him then, oh well. Also, crazy annoying.
Obviously I saved Shawn. Mainly because he's a handyman and prolly knows at least a little about farming.

Why give chick the gun?
It's a waste ammo, she's dead anyway and you risk attracting more walkers with the noise. Personally after seeing that the door was boarded from the outside I wouldn't even have bothered opening it. Obviously someone is trying to keep her in...not the other way around.
Once again...I refused to give it to her.

Why did you save Doug?
He's a tech guy so he won't be of much use once the power goes out. Which it definitely will.
I saved Carley. Mainly because of her shooting skills. Partially because she's female and they'll be hard to find in a few months.
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3 years ago#5
I was gonna bt I Cnt wait for the next part so I'm guna kill duck n carly
3 years ago#6
I figured it would be a "waste" to go back and re-do anything different right now. Part of the fun for me is to see how this storyline plays out with that I'd already done and then go back through and make a couple of opposite choices and see that "story" play out a little differently. If I go back and re-do things differently, then I'll miss the opportunity to see what happens with my current choices and need to play through it again to see them anyways.

IIRC, I lied to Hershel and he pretty much thought I was a jerk, so I decided to save Duck since I'd already pissed him off enough, may as well put the final nail in the coffin and let his son die too. But I was also trying to be loyal to Kenny at the same time, so didn't seem "right" to let Duck die.

I gave the girl the gun because...well, I think it was the Circle button choice and I was kind of just picking all Circles just to keep some sort of consistency going lol. Only changing it if it seemed to go against what I wanted (i.e. being mean to Clementine, making Carley mad, not being loyal to Kenny, etc.). Plus, I kind of wanted to shut her up already and it seemed like a gun would do the trick.

I chose to save Carley because...she's awesome, and Doug wasn't on her level of badassery. Girl who was getting headshots left and right the entire time or a guy who knows how to program a remote control to work on any brand of TV he wants....yeah, I think I'll take the sharpshooter.
3 years ago#7
I went back and replayed it to see the alternate choices, but I'm still going to import my original file directly, even though there are a few choices I regret.
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3 years ago#8
Supposedly each episode will be released 30 days apart. I can't wait that long, so I replayed it again immediately after I beat it. I just think the game is that good. I made a lot of different choices but now I have two save files kind of like two parallel universes.

I won't spoil anything in particular, but some of the choices you make really do affect how the game is played out significantly.
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3 years ago#9
I think I'm playing a second time picking different choices, maybe acting like a jerk or in a cinic way, 'cause in my first play-through I wanted to be a good guy with some secrets. I think i'll also be saving different characters just to see what happens.

But in the end, I'll be importing my first save in the next episodes, it just sounds right to do so: I'll live with the consequences of my choices (spoke the truth to Hershel, saved Duck, sided with Kenny, didn't give the gun to the young lady, saved Carley). I kinda like the whole "trust" system, so I gave a energy bar to each and everyone lol
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3 years ago#10
I'll replay after I finish all 5 episodes.
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