So who's the most hated character? Duck or Larry?

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  3. So who's the most hated character? Duck or Larry?
3 years ago#1
Just wanting to hear different point of views really. I can fully understand why both would be hated. Hopefully I can get them both killed of at some point in time during the next episodes. They are both a liability and overly obnoxious.

"I haven't been a child since I was 9 years old."
3 years ago#2
Duck is a kid and is obviously "slow" (yeah, retarded).
Shawn died, yes, but who would let a 7 years old kid like him on a tractor anyway? Even in real life without the "zombie apocalypse" thing, no one should do that without expecting an accident.
He's not the only one to blame.

Larry, it's another story. He has no excuses for being such an ******* (begins by "a.." and ends by "hole").
He clearly WANTS you dead.
So he is the one I hate.

(sorry if my english is not that good)
3 years ago#3
I don't hate Duck. He's just a kid, and kids are anoying sometimes.
Now larry.. Larry is a total pain! He will screw things for Lee sooner or later
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3 years ago#4
Larry, no competition. Duck is just a child, he doesn't know how annoying he is and doesn't really mean to be.

Larry knew full well what he was doing and he's lucky that Lee didn't do the same to him, or worse. If you knew what Lee did to get in trouble....why would you then piss that person off and risk history repeating itself? Especially if you have a bad heart and could become quite helpless at any moment. Oh, and did we forget, he got the freaking pills to save his life! Makes it even worse that he was still behaving so ridiculously.

Even if we don't get to kill him, hopefully he'll walk in on Lee and his daughter sharing a "special moment" and drop dead from shock/rage.
3 years ago#5
I feel sorry for Larry. He seems even more mentally challenged than Duck. Why would he try to kill someone who just risked their own life to save his? Maybe he's senile or has dementia. And for that reason I don't really hate either of them.
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  3. So who's the most hated character? Duck or Larry?

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