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3 years ago#1
they should totally make a link style lbp
i just got a vita im very impress- (realized there making the next layton game for 3ds RAGE!)
3 years ago#2
Laytonman posted...
they should totally make a link style lbp

I approve of this.
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3 years ago#3
Are you guys talking about an LOZ-style LBP? I'd approve of that.
3 years ago#4
Little Big Planet Legends(or Heroes).

Play Create Share, Dungeon Crawler.

You'd have your base sackboy to start with and you are given the choice of 3 classes.
Warrior, Mage or Ranger. Each with their own skill trees that are easy even for younglings to understand. The max level in the game will be 30.

You will start the game with cheap Peasant/Villager weapons/clothing. As you play through the main adventure(or player created ones) you will find items like gold, potions and base armor and weapon pieces. like breastplates, helmets, robes, swords, bows and staffs. As well as doodads and components that can be attached to the equipment pieces. With these items, in the main hub you can go to a "forge" to make to customize/make unique looking armor, Color Changes included. There will be a epicness bar, that determines how many doodads you can put on your equipment. The higher your level the more stuff you can put on. This would be the most common way to determine who's a high level Legend and a low level Newcomer. Oh yeah, Weapons and Armor are strictly cosmetic. Your character's stats are determine by their skill tree and rings/amulets.

Rings and Amulets are the only equipables that give stat bonuses to your characters. Each Chraracter can equip 2 rings and a amulet. The bonuses provided could be extra health, damage, mana, damage resistance and even Skill bonuses.

Creating your own questline is about as standard as it is to Little Big Planet. You have pre-made enemies, props, scenery from the developers. or you can try to make everything from scratch.

I've had this idea for a while. But it was under the MNR franchise. Modnation Heroes. xD
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3 years ago#5
I approve! +1
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3 years ago#6
yes legend of zelda style
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3 years ago#7
Actually I seriously approve of this.

Would be like a much better version of 3d dot heroes.

And they could add stuff like tower defence to the game as well since the camera (main) would b ethe same.


doing one like this even opens it up to being like Minecraft... jsut give the option for a FPV perspective... seriously... Sony, jump on this damn idea now!
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3 years ago#8
I like the concept, although I'm not too keen on the idea of leveling and skill trees. Would be better to do something more streamlined like in the Zelda games with classes and skills being determined by equipped items or weapons. In the interest of keeping visual customization in the forefront, Each article of clothing would have one slot and weapons would have two for adding gems that carry stat bonuses or passive effects (elemental affinities, status effects, auto-healing, etc). Maybe have an additional four slots on weapons for gems that specifically add skills. Some could even be restricted based on what gems you have equipped on the weapon already (like needing a specific strength or element).

Keeping in the spirit of LittleBigPlanet, collecting prize bubbles would substitute for earning experience and would raise your reputation's multiplier level, which increases the odds of getting higher level gems from random enemy drops and unlocks higher level gems for purchase at shops and from trainers. Enemies drop prize bubbles when defeated, plus they can be found around the world.

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