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4 years ago#1

Found this video review on youtube... not bad!...
What a horrible night to have a curse...
4 years ago#2
way better then ign's
If YOU have to talk crap online to make YOURSELF feel better, then its obvious YOU have daddy issues! "sad face"
4 years ago#3
I am super intrigued by LBP Karting... but being impatient, I JUST bought ModNation Racers on Sunday and am having a ton of fun with it... I am on the fence so far w/early reports of cheap AI (again) in LBPK. I AM going to get the game. I'm just not ready to drop $60 on it. I'll just wait until a price drop. Or at least a Christmas sale. In the meantime, I am going to try and get better at the rather difficult (to me at least) MNR...
What a horrible night to have a curse...

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