online multiplayer any good?

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3 years ago#1
how is the online multiplayer?
3 years ago#2
Well I haven't been in a full game the most players I've played against is 5 online players while the AI fills up the gaps. Even when I've played online with people I've had no challenge at all and players seem to be driving like drunk drivers going into the walls. Personally I think the online is flawed I would like to be put in a random game where it's busy. I hate having to go onto individual planets to find players since most planets I've seen has 0 players.

It's a shame because it's a good karting game and with Sony's lack of advertising it doesn't help. I'll still be playing it though just hopefully with Christmas coming up more people will buy it. I want a challenge I want someone to give me a good race online.
3 years ago#3
is there a quick game match in multiplayer are there lobbies can you see how many players online.really like the look of the game but the negative reviews about the multiplayer being a pain to find games is putting me off
3 years ago#4
There aren't any online progression, or lobbies, or anything like that. If you've played lbp before...its just like that. You click a level, and then say, play with others. And you can play with others or play by yourself. It's still a good game.
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