ATTN: Creators, do you want your levels played?

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4 years ago#1
Well, I can offer you at least one playthrough of your level, but it could potentially lead to more plays.

The thing is, I have a youtube gaming channel I started not too long ago. I'll be doing lots of different games, but one of them is LBP Karting. Other than putting up all the story races, I plan to put up community levels too. I could go looking for them myself, but I figure there's enough people here that might want to give their level some attention.

My channel is really not all that big yet, so don't expect crazy numbers of people to see it, but my videos do get views, so any promotion would be good for your level I think. Although I can't promise you it'll get you more plays.

So here's the deal:

- you give me a link to your level
- I will play it, and perhaps rate/comment on it
- I will record my playthrough and put it on my youtube channel
- I will also put the link in the decription of my video

Why am I doing this? Just to help others get their level out there, and well, promoting my gaming channel is a nice addition to it, but it's not my main cause. I already did 2 playthroughs for a member on here, so for those who want to take a look, or just to see what my channel is about, the link is in my signature. Oh, and before anyone comments about my voice commentaries, I'm aware I have kind of a dull voice, I can't help it :D and it doesn't help that English is not my native language either.. :)
PSN: Eevil-Psycho [WTF]
4 years ago#2
Not sure if you were referring to my level or not, but I just posted mine for the ten unique players. It's not a level worth uploading to your YouTube channel. If you don't mind playing it real quick, though, I would appreciate it.

However, I have a "real" level I'm working on and will post that once it's been published.
4 years ago#3
no, it were 2 levels from BBA332.

added your level to the list cause I saw your other topic, but yeah.. I know it's just something simple to get a trophy, so it will indeed not be uploaded :)

but do post your other level when it's up
PSN: Eevil-Psycho [WTF]
4 years ago#4
Fair enough. :) I had it up on my planet earlier, but I wasn't proud of how it turned out...considering I made it in less than 2 hours, it wasn't bad. But it needs some finishing touches.
4 years ago#5
lol your level was hilarious . Figured itd be longer aha i got all ready -.-
4 years ago#6
Please take a look at mine :]

1st track ever :] first time i ever make anything in lbp :]
4 years ago#7
I can't see your link..

it says "The creator of this level has chosen not to publish their information to the web"
PSN: Eevil-Psycho [WTF]
4 years ago#8
Okay, just finished and released a track called Desert Dash. Feedback would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance :
just cause you feel it, doesn`t mean its there,,,,,,
4 years ago#9
alright, played it and made a video. I liked it. should be up on my channel in a couple of hours.

most of my thoughts are on the video itself as I did a voice commentary with it. (sorry for the dull voice and accent)

i think it's really fun and good looking overall, but it might need some decoration here and there cause some places look kind of empty.. if you want details, i'll refer you to my video, as I talk about it as I pass the areas I think could use some work.

but I liked it and hearted it.
PSN: Eevil-Psycho [WTF]
4 years ago#10
Cool, cant wait for the review.

As for the "empty parts", yeah I know, but after 2 days of messing around I just wanted to put it out there. Will do an updated version soon.
just cause you feel it, doesn`t mean its there,,,,,,
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