ATTN: Creators, do you want your levels played?

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4 years ago#61
fading_starr posted...
well, I'll race it, but if it's something that's purely meant for getting a trophy, i ain't gonna put it up on my channel. unless it's actually a good track.

I raced someone else's track recently which was just a circular lap you could drift the entire way with no decoration or theme or anything... that's not really worthy of the effort of uploading it in the end imo..

Yea....I know the track. Hella lame!
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4 years ago#62
Don't worry about putting it on your channel...I still haven't figured out all the tools yet. Thanks.
4 years ago#63
Sorry you didn't enjoy my level; I had a lot of fun making it, and like racing it. I think it felt a bit slow because you weren't doing much drifting and boosting. Efficiently boosting propels you up many of the hills. I admit its not the easiest track to race, but I wanted it to be a bit of a challenge.

The shaky camera is intentional and grows more severe each lap. I knew it would be a bit annoying but I wanted it to feel like a volcano that was about to erupt. There aren't a lot of decorations, but everything does evolve. The crater becomes more active each lap, and the lava pits and vegetation all ignite by the end.

Regardless, thanks for playing it and making the video. I don't have my copy of the game, but I may make some tweaks when I get it back.
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4 years ago#64
well, ok, to be honest, that's actually a pretty cool idea, but yeah, it might need some fine tuning, as I said, it's annoying.

I liked the track in itself, and as I said, it doesn't always need decoration. cause a real volcano wouldn't really be all too colorful and full of plants either, certainly not an active one, so that's fine.

but yeah, the shaking is a bit too much, but i'm sure if you can tune it a bit it'll be a lot more fun. I'm happy to try it again if you made changes to it.
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4 years ago#65

could use some more entries, only have 2 in my queue, and as previously mentioned, I'd like to race more at once. but whatever, I might do these anyways later if I get no more entries.

should also be uploading 2 more races to my channel today. and then I'm through all submissions and need to race some things anyways.
PSN: Eevil-Psycho [WTF]
4 years ago#66

Would love more plays of my levels.
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4 years ago#67
alright sweet, looks like I'll be racing this afternoon :)
PSN: Eevil-Psycho [WTF]
4 years ago#68
Hey Eevil-Psycho, I came across your YouTube channel and decided to sign up to the forum to say I'm loving the videos. I'm going to subscribe and make my way through them gradually to find the best tracks :D

Meanwhile, I have a track of my own:

Few words of warning though:
1. This is based on a track from MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.
2. It features some 90 degree corners. Don't try to drift at first, and in some cases, lift off the accelerator for half a second to slow yourself down. It may be necessary!
3. The doors after the first corner open on lap 3.
4. The rooftop jump is only accessible with a grapple hook, which you must find. It is a much faster route, but at the sacrifice of taking a slower route in the first half to get the grapple hook.

NOTE: If you find the grapple hook, but then die before using it, you will lose it ... so there is a lot of risk involved to take the fastest route on the circuit.

Enjoy this challenging circuit! One of my favourites!
4 years ago#69
Was gonna run your track but I cant access it from the LBPK site. Check your security settings.
FORUMS: A place a person can ask a serious question & receive rude replies that have nothing to do with the question!
4 years ago#70
If you go into "Community", then "Text Search" ... it's actually called "Sugar Rush" just like the one from Victoria's Laboratory. Just find the one created by "Cirrus5005" and you're away :)
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