is this game better or worse than MNR

#1ToastyAnakinPosted 11/17/2012 4:48:34 PM
It seems from the critics that the game is underwhelming, but the game looks promising....

So what do the playersthink?
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#2JkoolPosted 11/17/2012 5:21:07 PM
Here is my 2 cents worth.

MUCH easier to beat the story mode than MNR.

Track creation is more difficult than MNR but MUCH more can be done! It is actually overwhelming an insane what you can do!

Kart & character customization is really weak compared to MNR.

Still all & all a VERY solid fun game!
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#3Jon_GodPosted 11/18/2012 1:27:14 AM
I love it, it's missing some things from MNR, but I got into this game a lot more than MNR.

I am actually playing the single player, that's one thing MNR couldn't get me to do.

Feels a lot more balanced, and well put together.

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#4TheRazgrizDemonPosted 11/18/2012 1:32:32 AM
Pretty much what JKool said, I really wish we could actually build our own karts instead of just decorating pre-made bodies. Would of been amazing!
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#5nordwestPosted 11/19/2012 7:41:28 AM
It's a good game, way easier than 'normal' MNR story mode but a lot of fun to both race and create with.

However, whilst many of the track-construction tools and opportunities are very good, the lack of true, full kart customisation is a bit of a letdown. Sure you can make some really decent custom karts, but the lack of an object point editor means that you're working pretty much with just stock parts or the limits of Boolean modelling - ie using one shape to add or subtract from another - whereas even LBP1 let you fine-tune the shape of parts you made (and let you scale them down much further)

The sticker functionality is also annoyingly 'dumb' compared to the extensive tool-set in MNR, (but I'm guessing this might be patched-up in future - ?) Perhaps my biggest frustration with LBPK though - at present - is the small size of the online community, though hopefully this will change as Xmas nears and folks hear that the IGN 5/10 is actually a joke! Right now finding a full x8 'human' lobby is quite tricky...

Back on a positive side though, the kart handling is smoother than MNR, the motor / logic etc tools are more intuitive and easier to work with than LBP1/2, the AI is less annoyingly rubber-bandy than MNR, and the opportunity to have objects overlap each other or stay put without glue etc provides fresh ideas compared to both LBP1/2 or MNR.
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#7JkoolPosted 11/20/2012 11:27:01 AM
I REALLY miss the Mod & Kart customization though.....A LOT!
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