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3 years ago#1
Really, as much as i love LBP the racings in local gameplay sounds boring, Sackboys are MUTE!!! , every other racing game of this kind has contestants teasing you and mocking you, yeah like Mario Kart, even Mod Nation Racers,

I was playing for 2 hours and something feel off, then it came, it needs voices!!!.. well at least moarns and grunts

i haven't tried online, so maybe people talking over the net make this issue more bearable , but i don't think so.

I love Little Big Planet, and i was eager to get this game, my kid and i played a lot LBP and even platinumed both games. but feel dissapointed about this.
3 years ago#2
Agreed. Even the basic voicebox noises would be welcome.
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3 years ago#3
Actually they do make noises, but its incredibly hard to hear. They make the sackbot and hoard sounds.i heard them several times in story mode

Or you could just use some logic to make them talk yourselves. Weapon sensors on the gong to make a noise when they get shot. Place sensors for when you go up or down a place etc.
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